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Frogs Are Soooo… FUNNY!

101+ Funny Frog Jokes, Riddles, and Puns!

Written & Illustrated by Erik Dunton

Frogs are known for being green, eating flies, jumping, and being lucky. 

But did you know that they are also very funny? 


This collection of over 101 frog jokes, riddles, and puns is guaranteed to make you 

giggle, snicker, and maybe…  laugh-out-loud!


Joke books should be a part of every child’s library! 

In between the knock-knock, changing lightbulbs, and road-crossing jokes, 

joke books provide serious reading development for your child. 


Joke books improve reading skills!

From encouraging a reluctant reader, to enhancing reading comprehension skills,

a joke book’s “short-form”, format allows a reader to get to the punchline whithin 

a few words or lines. 


Everyone wants to tell jokes! 

A joke book encourages the reader to share the humor with others, fostering social 

skills and emotional bonding with others. 


Joke books can even elevate moods! 

Who doesn’t feel better after reading or hearing a good joke?

How many frog joke books does it take to tickle your funny bone? 

I don’t know! But, whatever the number it is, “Frogs Are Soooo… FUNNY!” Is a great start!

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Theresa Barry-Greb

December 1, 2020

5.0 out of 5 stars

Great Joke book about Frogs

I loved this joke book about frogs. This is a great book for any child who love to tell jokes and love frogs. This book has cute illustrations too that makes the frog jokes hop off the page.

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