Erik Dunton




2016 – Present    Whole Foods Market • Bee Cave, Austin, TX
Store Lead Trainer

  • Responsible for training and supervising all new hires for their first 3 days of training.

  • Completing all OSHA required materials, store safety tours, required first 90-Day Online Training Modules, Food Safety Certification, Alcohol Sellers Certification. Including Conerstone On-Demand Online Modules.

  • Responsible for training proper WFM bagging techniques and register training, before introducing them to their team trainer.



2014-2015    Remo, Inc. • Valencia, CA
Marketing: Health Programs & Products Coordinator

  • Created and Developed marketing strategies and collateral to support the Remo’s HealthRHYTHMS® Group Drumming Empowerment Training Program.

  • Designed and developed product packaging and marketing media, including print, web, video and music

  • Developed and coordinated marketing and advertising materials for products and programs.

  • Coordinated and maintained third-party web platform for our trainers and training attendees.

  • Developed and delivered a web-based, publicly, searchable database for expanding pool of trained facilitators activities.

  • Created a series of marketing/education videos uses on public facing website.



2002 – 2014     Vanderbilt University • Nashville, TN
Peabody College • Special Education • The IRIS Center

Creative Media and Content Designer/Developer of eLearning Programs

  • Produced industry acclaimed, digital media content, (technical illustration, infographics, video, animation, music and audio) to be used on in printed materials, web site and other multi-media material, developing over 30 public facing online education modules designed to deliver evidence-based eLearning content for adult learners.

  • Developed user experience and user delivery of our 5000 plus page website, including evidence based practices on adult learning. In 2013 I was the creative supervisor responsible for the redesign, user interface/user experience, and technical advice. Throughout this 18-month process, I interfaced with the outside design firm as well as directing our in-house programmer.

2008 – 2016    Positive RePercussions • Nashville, TN/Austin, TX
Therapeutic Musician & Motivational Drummer – (Owner)
REMO Endorsed HealthRHYTHMS® Facilitator

Founder and owner of a company that provides evidence-based Recreational Music-Making and Interactive Group Drumming Events to many populations including; children, at-risk youth, schools, adults, seniors, well-elderly, and elderly in memory care. I also developed and deployed interactive group drumming programs that delivered corporate wellness, team-building, and leadership skills. This company was founded on the philosophy that that music should be not only valued as a form of entertainment, but also as vehicle for positive change.


1991 - 2002    MediaGrafix - Nashville, TN
Creative Director – (Owner)
Responsible for all aspects of running a graphic design business including assessing customer needs and meeting various deadlines and budgets. Using the latest in Macintosh computer systems to develop print and interactive media including identity packages, websites, stage sets and ad layout.


1997 - 1998    Beyer Printing - Nashville, TN
Senior Graphic Designer/Digital Prepress Coordinator
Responsibilities include all aspects of graphic design and prepress on Macintosh equipment, including preparing customer files for film output on a Linotronic Imagesetter. Other responsibilities included marinating servers, network and client Macintosh workstation computers.


1992    LM Berry Company - Nashville TN
Illustrator (Temporary Position)
Responsibilities include the day-to-day requirements of a graphic artist in a fast-paced advertising environment. Using both Macintosh computers and traditional and methods of creating art.


1992    Vanderbilt University - Nashville TN
Typesetter (Temporary Position)
Responsible for the design of campus periodicals and brochures, and output documents to Linotronic Imagesetter, as well as maintaining a small Macintosh AppleShare network.


1990 – 1991    Kinko's - Nashville, TN
Professional Graphic Services Manager
Report to General Managers of two Nashville area stores. Responsibilities include all aspects of running two full time graphics departments, including staffing and customer relations. Also responsible for recommending, purchasing, installing and maintaining Macintosh computer systems. 


Design Credit Highlights

  • 1996 - Ann Murray Live! - Package design, CD, VHS and Cassette tape

  • 2001 - Kim Carnes, A Dreamers Art from the Heart - CD Package design

  • 1996 - MCA Publishing - Songwriters Portrait Series - CD Package design

  • 2008 - Just Me Music - Walt Disney’s Princesses Personalized Tea Party - CD Package design

  • 2008 - Just Me Music - Sesame Street, Elmo Sing-A-Long - CD Package design

  • 1998 - America’s Dumbest Criminals - TV Series Logo design

  • 1997 - The Gideons International - Logo design 

  • 2002-2014 - The IRIS Center, Vanderbilt University - Web Site design

  • 2001-2006 - Kim Carnes - Web Site design

  • 1999-2002 - Learning Structures - Web Site Design

  • 2016 - Rhythm, Breath & Lullaby (RBL) - Cover Art for RBL Compendium

Music Tour (Highlights)

  • 1994 - Michael W. Smith - Nashville TN - “The Acoustic Tour” - Keyboard & MIDI Technician*/ Production Manager** 

  • 1993 - Moody Blues - Hollywood, CA - “A Night at Red Rocks US Tour” - Keyboard & MIDI Technician*

  • 1993 - Michael W. Smith - Nashville, TN - “Change Your World Tour” - Keyboard & MIDI Technician*

  • 1993 - Charlie Daniels Band - Nashville, TN -“Volunteer Jam XV” - Keyboard & MIDI Technician*

  • 1992 - Charlie Daniels Band - Nashville, TN -“Volunteer Jam XIV” - Keyboard & MIDI Technician*

  • 1991 - Billy Falcon- New York, NY - “World Tour ‘91” - Keyboard & MIDI Technician*

  • 1991 - Joe Jackson - New York, NY - “Laughter & Lust American Tour” - Keyboard & MIDI Technician*

  • 1990 - Petra - Nashville, TN - “The Rock Cries Out Tour” - Production Manager** 

  • 1989 - Bebe & Cece Winnans- New York NY - “Heaven World Tour” - Keyboard & MIDI Technician*/ Production Manager** 

  • 1988 - Steve Winwood. - Nashville/London - “Roll With It World Tour” - Keyboard & MIDI Technician*


*Keyboard & MIDI Technician

Responsibilities include setup of digital keyboard & MIDI equipment for live performances and/or studio recordings. Design and construction of complex digital MIDI keyboard and Macintosh computer based music production systems. Creation and editing of music, complex sounds for digital synthesizer samplers, and digital audio.


**Production Manager

Responsibilities include booking and negotiating venues, hiring local labor forces for each venue, and hands-on management of the many complex tasks and responsibilities of setting up a large-scale music event in a different city/venue daily.



  • Adobe Creative Cloud/Suite with over 30 years’ experience in Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign/Pagemaker

  • Video editing with AppleFinal Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere

  • Audio and music creation and recording with several Digital Audio Workstations (DAW) including Apple Logic Pro

  • Musician/Songwriter, percussion and guitar


  • Mary Catherine Strobel Volunteer of the Year - Nominee March 2011

  • Mary Catherine Strobel Volunteer of the Year - Nominee March 2013

  • Percussive Arts Society - Recreational Music Committee - Committee Member

  • Endorsed Remo® HealthRHYTHMS® Facilitator

  • Percussive Arts Society - Member

  • Drum Circle Facilitators Guild - Member



  • Village Music Circles - Drum Circle Facilitation Training - February 2008, March 2015

  • HealthRHYTHMS Group Empowerment Drumming Facilitator Training, Basic Protocol - October 2007, September 2011, August 2013, January 2015

  • HealthRHYTHMS Group Empowerment Drumming Facilitator Training, Adolescent Protocol - May 2010, January 2015

  • HealthRHYTHMS Group Empowerment Drumming Facilitator Training, Advanced Facilitation Strategies - August 2013

  • HealthRHYTHMS Group Empowerment Drumming Facilitator Training, Endorsed Facilitator Training - August 2013



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