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Written & Illustrated by Erik Dunton

Parents, have you, or your child, ever wondered what happens in the jungle, when the sun goes down? 


In this brilliant, illustrated, rhyming, cartoon jungle safari, you will discover one amusing possibility. Enjoy this page-turning, soon-to-become a classic, children’s picture book, with your young child to find out what happens in the jungle after the sun goes down. 

“It happens in the Jungle, Most every night. Down by the watering hole, Just out of sight. There’s hippos and rhinos, Just to name a few. Lions, and leopards, And elephants too.”

You will see the jungle animals along with a few other animal friends, meet at the watering hole for a fun-filled, all-night, dance party, and… you will never know who will show-up next, to join in the fun!

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Sashay, funk and jitterbug. Oh my! What a party. This colorful cartoon-filled book introduces animal features and a variety of dance styles. The rhythm keeps the reader turning the page. This is an exciting way to learn about rhymes. Take a deeper plié into the morales or symbolism of unity and uniqueness of us all. Erik Dunton's Down by the Watering Hole taps a fun story.  

- Lynn Dugan, Author, Artist & Art Teacher

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